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ČEZ packing its bags in Albania after months of controversy

24.01.2013 09:19
CR: The Czech power giant ČEZ has had its license to operate Albania’s national grid revoked just three years after entering the market. The state regulator’s decision, announced on Monday, follows months of controversy over tariffs and unpaid bills. ČEZ is now counting its losses, estimated...

Prague court calls on Constitutional Court to throw out entire presidential amnesty

24.01.2013 09:18
CR: The Municipal Court in Prague says the entire amnesty announced by President Václav Klaus on New Year’s Day contravenes the Czech constitution – because it had not been previously discussed by the government. The prime minister says the move could open a whole can of worms: If the...

Miloš Zeman – political veteran seeking to crown his career

24.01.2013 09:17
CR: One of the strong favourites in the upcoming direct presidential election is Miloš Zeman, a former prime minister and ex-leader of the Social Democrats. He promises to be a “people’s president” who would unite and moderate political conflicts. However, some would say that in his long...

Beneš decrees re-surface in Czech presidential race

24.01.2013 09:15
CR: The campaign ahead of the Czech presidential election’s second round has heated up following remarks by one of the candidates, Karel Schwarzenberg, about the so-called Beneš decrees. Mr Schwarzenberg’s denouncement of the post-war legislation which sanctioned the expulsions of ethnic...

If elected, how would Miloš Zeman or Karel Schwarzenberg influence the Czech economy?

24.01.2013 09:13
CR: If elected, how would Miloš Zeman or Karel Schwarzenberg influence the Czech economy?   According to the Czech Constitution, the president’s main role consists in representing the country abroad. That can be an important tool in promoting Czech exports and opening new doors to Czech...

News Czech Republic 23.01.2013 - 17.01.2013

24.01.2013 08:59
CR: Prague Circuit Court confirms acquittal of Bárta and Škárka The Prague 5 Circuit Court has acquitted the former Transport Ministrer Vít Bárta and former Public Affairs Party MP Jaroslav Škárka of all charges in a bribery case that the court first ruled on in April 2012. The circuit judge...
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Politické diskuze blockerů

Politické diskuze blockerů na různá téma,převzaté reakce z diskuzkuzních fór

05.03.2013 14:17
Převzaté reakce z diskuzkuzních fór :   Milan Pepo, Semněvice Středa, 18.září 2013, 10:48:25  Opět musím připomenout. Je zvláštní, aby se stejném názoru shodly tak odlišné zdroje. Christian Science Monitor Inopressa 23.8. 2013. AP, Reuters, SANA, ITAR-TASS a 24.8. 2013....


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