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Ozdoba CZ – traditional Czech producer of Christmas baubles

21.12.2012 20:53
CR: With Christmas just around the corner, a search is underway in many households’ attics or basements for ornaments that will – in due time – decorate the Christmas tree. In many families, trees will be adorned with the colourful glass globes, spikes, figurines and other baubles whose...

Karel Schwarzenberg – a prince with his eye on the Castle

21.12.2012 20:49
CR: The chairman of TOP 09, Karel Schwarzenberg is one of three candidates for president nominated by a party in Parliament. The blue-blooded Mr. Schwarzenberg is – at 75 – also the oldest of those in the running. But his closeness to the late Václav Havel and clean image could stand him in...

News Czech Republik 21.12.2012 - 18.12.2012

21.12.2012 20:37
CR: President Klaus signs government VAT hike into law President Václav Klaus on Friday signed into law government legislation that raises the two VAT rates by one percentage point to 15 and 21 percent, respectively. The legislation comes into force on January 1. The package also includes...

Peake firing escalates new government crisis

21.12.2012 20:34
CR: The country’s fragile centre-right government is once again teetering on the brink: a major crisis flared up on Thursday when the prime minister fired newly-named Defence Minister Karolína Peake, the head of the LIDEM Party, after just eight days in office. The leadership of the Liberal...

News Czech Republic 17.12.2012 - 10.12.2012

18.12.2012 13:33
CR: Nečas supports Serbia, says talks need to be held with Kosovo Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas, on an official visit to Serbia, has reiterated Czech support for Serbian accession to the European Union but stressed that direct talks between Belgrade and Pristina in Kosovo would play a...

News Czech Republic 09.12.2012 - 03.12.2012

10.12.2012 14:14
CR: Sub-zero temperatures lead to four deaths over weekend Four deaths have been registered in connection with the weekend’s sub-zero temperatures. Two men and one woman died from suspected hypothermia in different parts of the country on Friday night, when record low temperatures were...
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Politické diskuze blockerů

Politické diskuze blockerů na různá téma,převzaté reakce z diskuzkuzních fór

05.03.2013 14:17
Převzaté reakce z diskuzkuzních fór :   Milan Pepo, Semněvice Středa, 18.září 2013, 10:48:25  Opět musím připomenout. Je zvláštní, aby se stejném názoru shodly tak odlišné zdroje. Christian Science Monitor Inopressa 23.8. 2013. AP, Reuters, SANA, ITAR-TASS a 24.8. 2013....


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