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St. Procopius Basilica in Třebíč

09.11.2012 09:00
CR: The Basilica of St. Procopius in Třebíč is one of only 12 places in the Czech Republic inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. In this edition of Spotlight we’ll give you a taste of some of what makes the 12th century structure such a marvel.   Photo:...

News Czech Republic 08.11.2012

09.11.2012 08:56
CR:Ústí to have first Communist governor since 1989 The Communists and Social Democrats have agreed to form a coalition in the regional council in Ústí nad Labem, which will be headed by the Communist Oldřich Bubeníček. Mr Bubeníček will be the first communist regional governor in the Czech...

Petr Nečas is hanging in there, for now

08.11.2012 13:54
Economist: AT the congress of the ODS, the Civic Democratic Party, last weekend, Petr Nečas, the Czech Republic's embattled prime minister, defended his ODS leadership against a vocal rebellion. But his victory may prove to be a short-lived triumph: Mr Nečas's frail ruling...

Czech News 07.11.2012 - 01.11.2012

08.11.2012 11:34
CR: Nečas congratulates Obama on re-election The Czech prime minister, Petr Nečas, has congratulated the incumbent Barack Obama on his victory in Tuesday’s presidential election in the United States. Mr. Nečas said cooperation between Mr. Obama’s administration and the Czech government...

Czech parliament approves pension reform in victory for PM Necas

08.11.2012 11:33
  (Reuters) - The lower house of the Czech parliament on Wednesday cleared the way for pension reform to get underway next year, giving its final approval to legislation that will allow change, a victory for the country's unpopular and unstable government. The lower house chose to ignore...

Czech parliament votes to return confiscated church property

08.11.2012 11:32
  (Reuters) - The Czech parliament on Thursday approved an ambitious plan to return billions of dollars worth of church property that was confiscated by the communists in a vote that represented a victory for Prime Minister Petr Necas. The law envisages handing churches land, property,...
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Politické diskuze blockerů

Politické diskuze blockerů na různá téma,převzaté reakce z diskuzkuzních fór

05.03.2013 14:17
Převzaté reakce z diskuzkuzních fór :   Milan Pepo, Semněvice Středa, 18.září 2013, 10:48:25  Opět musím připomenout. Je zvláštní, aby se stejném názoru shodly tak odlišné zdroje. Christian Science Monitor Inopressa 23.8. 2013. AP, Reuters, SANA, ITAR-TASS a 24.8. 2013....


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