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Beneš decrees re-surface in Czech presidential race

28.01.2013 09:03
CR: The campaign ahead of the Czech presidential election’s second round has heated up following remarks by one of the candidates, Karel Schwarzenberg, about the so-called Beneš decrees. Mr Schwarzenberg’s denouncement of the post-war legislation which sanctioned the expulsions of ethnic...

If elected, how would Miloš Zeman or Karel Schwarzenberg influence the Czech economy?

28.01.2013 09:02
CR: The Czech president is to a great extent a ceremonial figurehead with limited executive powers. But his informal influence can go a long way in shaping the government’s policies. In a couple of days, Czech voters will choose between Miloš Zeman and Karel Schwarzenberg for the next head of...

Analyst discusses campaigns, turning points and outcome of presidential election

28.01.2013 09:01
CR: Miloš Zeman was the favourite against Karel Schwarzenberg in the presidential election so his win did not come altogether as a surprise; all the same, observers expected it to be a good deal closer. Radio Prague spoke to political analyst Petr Just about the result.   Discussed in the...

Miloš Zeman becomes first directly elected Czech president

28.01.2013 09:00
CR: Miloš Zeman is set to become the first directly elected president in Czech history. Following a divisive campaign, the former Social Democrat prime minister defeated his second-round rival, Karel Schwarzenberg, by 55 percent to 45 percent. The outgoing head of state, Václav Klaus, has...

Presidential Election: Czech Voters Yearn for Substance over Scandal

28.01.2013 08:56
DerSpiegel: For the first time since the Velvet Revolution, citizens in the Czech Republic will have the opportunity to vote directly for their head of state in two weeks. Former Prime Minister Milos Zeman is in the pole position. His tough-talking style appeals to Czechs who...

Business News in Czech Republic

24.01.2013 09:21
CR: In Business News this week: the Czech public debt reaches a new high; Czechs buy less food, clothes and home appliances; Albania is set to withdraw ČEZ’s licence to operate in the country; up to 40 percent of retailers violate trade regulations during post-Christmas sales; and the popular...
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Politické diskuze blockerů

Politické diskuze blockerů na různá téma,převzaté reakce z diskuzkuzních fór

05.03.2013 14:17
Převzaté reakce z diskuzkuzních fór :   Milan Pepo, Semněvice Středa, 18.září 2013, 10:48:25  Opět musím připomenout. Je zvláštní, aby se stejném názoru shodly tak odlišné zdroje. Christian Science Monitor Inopressa 23.8. 2013. AP, Reuters, SANA, ITAR-TASS a 24.8. 2013....


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