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News Czech Republic 21.02.2013 - 14.02.2013

22.02.2013 13:58
CR:  21.02.2013  Czech PM addresses Bavarian Parliament In a historic address to the Bavarian Parliament on Thursday Prime Minister Petr Nečas expressed regret over the post-war expulsion of millions of Sudeten Germans. He said the principle of collective guilt applied at the end of...

Czechs Voting for President as Clash With Government Looms

28.01.2013 11:48
Bloomberg: The Czech Republic’s first direct presidential election may vote in a new leader set to oppose the government’s economic program as the minority coalition extends its austerity measures amid a recession. Former Prime Minister Milos Zeman is seen as the favorite in opinion polls...

Mohawked Prince Channels Sex Pistols in Czech Elections

28.01.2013 11:45
Bloomberg: Karel Schwarzenberg, a bow-tied 75- year-old prince whose estate includes castles and forests, is channeling the Sex Pistols in a bid to be Czech president. Schwarzenberg has emerged as the surprise challenger to ex- Premier Milos Zeman in the nation’s first direct election for...

Czech President-Elect on Collision Course With Government

28.01.2013 11:44
Bloomberg: Milos Zeman’s victory in the Czech Republic’s presidential election sets up a clash with the government over its economic program aimed at cutting the budget deficit in the midst of arecession. Zeman, 68, defeated Karel Schwarzenberg, the millionaire prince and foreign...

Ex-Premier Opposing Cabinet Wins Czech Presidential Vote

28.01.2013 11:43
Bloomberg: Former Prime Minister Milos Zeman was elected president of the Czech Republic in the country’s first direct vote following a campaign slamming the government’s austerity measures in the midst of a recession. Zeman got 54.8 percent of votes after two days of balloting in a...

Leftist ex-PM Zeman wins Czech presidential election

28.01.2013 11:41
  (Reuters) - Leftist former prime minister Milos Zeman won the Czech Republic's first direct presidential election on Saturday, beating a conservative opponent he had accused of favoring foreign interests in a bitter campaign. Zeman, a 68-year-old who favors more integration within the...

Beneš decrees re-surface in Czech presidential race

28.01.2013 09:03
CR: The campaign ahead of the Czech presidential election’s second round has heated up following remarks by one of the candidates, Karel Schwarzenberg, about the so-called Beneš decrees. Mr Schwarzenberg’s denouncement of the post-war legislation which sanctioned the expulsions of ethnic...

If elected, how would Miloš Zeman or Karel Schwarzenberg influence the Czech economy?

28.01.2013 09:02
CR: The Czech president is to a great extent a ceremonial figurehead with limited executive powers. But his informal influence can go a long way in shaping the government’s policies. In a couple of days, Czech voters will choose between Miloš Zeman and Karel Schwarzenberg for the next head of...

Analyst discusses campaigns, turning points and outcome of presidential election

28.01.2013 09:01
CR: Miloš Zeman was the favourite against Karel Schwarzenberg in the presidential election so his win did not come altogether as a surprise; all the same, observers expected it to be a good deal closer. Radio Prague spoke to political analyst Petr Just about the result.   Discussed in the...

Miloš Zeman becomes first directly elected Czech president

28.01.2013 09:00
CR: Miloš Zeman is set to become the first directly elected president in Czech history. Following a divisive campaign, the former Social Democrat prime minister defeated his second-round rival, Karel Schwarzenberg, by 55 percent to 45 percent. The outgoing head of state, Václav Klaus, has...
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